Cancer care

Cancer Treatment MachineCancer is a condition characterised by uncontrolled cell proliferation. It is a leading cause of mortality among all diseases. 22 million people are currently living with cancer worldwide. 8 million people are likely to die as a result of cancer per year. It is responsible for more deaths globally than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

With 16 million new cancer cases expected per year by 2020, cancer is projected to become the largest share of drug spend.


Today, survival rates are higher than ever before – in the UK, two in every four people will beat cancer. This is incredible progress when considering that in the 1970s less than a quarter of people survived. But there is more to be done. That is why at Advanced Oncotherapy we are focused on defeating cancer – and with our partners and stakeholders, we are going to accelerate progress so that more lives can be saved.

Defeat cancer through radiation therapy

Our focus is to defeat cancer. We are focused on radiation therapy, a highly proven, efficient and cost-effective method to treat cancer, which has been used for more than 80 years.

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Proton therapy systems

We are focused on the new paradigm in radiation therapy, proton therapy.

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